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Brianna Simorangkir - Second rate love lyric

Everything you know about me
It might as well fade away
You keep assuming you know how it is
If we take it right back to one
When I was your mystery
Everything was new and we used to dream

We had something dangerous
Stronger, more than enough
Too tough to break
And now you're throwing it all away

I don't wanna let you go
But I don't wanna make do anymore
Baby if it means that I gotta settle
For a second-rate love
And I don't wanna go to war
Try to make you stay if you don't wanna
It's not much to want for something more
Than a second-rate love

Even through the hardest times
I would take the fall for you
When everyone would tell me
I'm worth more than this
Walking blindfolded with my hands bound
By a love no good for me
Lost and with no sense of what is real

And I can't believe it
After all that is said and done
You would play these foolish games with my heart
That wasn't really what I gave my life for.

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