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PUP - Sleep in the heat lyric

i was feeling a little bizarre
the day that i buried my family car
in the scr*pmetal wrecking yard

i’ve said so many goodbyes
in the 25 years that i’ve been alive
and i dunno why this one was so hard

everytime i go back to my apartment
all i wanna do is get stoned
and i’m sick and tired of blacking out on my carpet
and waking up all on my own
so i brought you home

you started falling apart
6 months after you moved in
and i shoulda known from the start
that things would be different

it’s not something that i can fix
if i could do anything you know i would
if this f*cking vacation would come to an end
maybe then you’d be normal again

yesterday i went back to my apartment
you were lookin’ so stoned
the day after christmas you acted so different
you just wanted to be on your own
so i bought you medicine, went to the vet and
cashed all of my savings and loans
but it was too late. you were letting go

and nothing i say will make it ok
you just sleep in the heat and repeat
you’re wasting away. and nothing i do is gonna save you
i’m trying my best but you can’t even
look at me or talk to me or tell me what’s happening to you

yesterday i went back to my apartment
to see how you’ve been holding up
you hadn’t been eating, i thought you were sleeping, but
you’re not waking up
i want you to know thay i’d spend every bit of my
pitiful savings and loans just to see you again

but i know i won’t.

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