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Marika Hackman - Boyfriend lyric

I’ve got your boyfriend on my mind
I think you know she stayed with me last night
I held his world in my hands
I threw it out to see where it would land
He came to me for entropy and I gave you all I had
He is a better man than me
So I know he won’t feel bad
It’s fun ’cause I am just a girl
"It doesn’t count"
He knows the world needs a man to make us shout
I hold your boyfriend just in mind
Tell me that you love me every time
I held his girl in my hands
She likes to call us softer than a man’s
Heaven knows we’re meant to be
But it’s turned into a mess
No one takes us seriously just because how well we’re dressed
It’s fun ’cause I am just a girl
"It’s just a dream"
Oh well I really need some men to make us scream.

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