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Ryan Adams - We disappear lyrics

We disappear lyrics

Listen, I ain't got nothing for you
But a bag of tricks and a broken noose
Nobody hangs around that's got something to lose
If I was born to be the loner, okay
But I'm not made of stone
And I'm so blown away
Don't know what's the rubble
And the parts I want to save

We disappear and we fade away
We disappear

Maybe tomorrow the sun will shine
But the moon is full and what's on my mind
Is like a bad commercial in the movie of my life
Was I alone, am I still?
Nobody gets in, nobody ever will
You deserve a future and you know I'll never change

We disappear and we fade away
We disappear

A beggar's cough, so musical and blind
Must've crossed the railways 'til he lost his mind
Hard to tell the difference, didn't matter anyway

We disappear and we fade away
We disappear

Broken mirror and my hand starts to bleed
Wish I could explain but it hurts to breathe
Didn't fit in my chest so I wore it on my sleeve

We disappear, we disappear
We disappear, we disappear.

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