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Kwaye - Cool kids lyrics

Cool kids lyrics

Their minds were searching through a wonderland
It was the age of wonder
And the worlds had become too small
To restrict the narrative any longer
Future became their destination
Dedicated to creating their own destinies
A cool thing, oh what a cool thing

It seems so far away
I finally understood the cool boys when I met them
[?] floor and the city skyline
What a picture perfect view

Boys of [?] and burgundy brown
Girls with marvellous skin to show
Smoking trees and twilight scenes
Cool kids, the cool kids, roll with the cool kids

We don't need to sit at the back of the bus
If we decide what's cool
We don't to yell or to fear or to fuss
If we live by our own rules

[Verse 2]
Taking the paradox around them
Constructing chaos into a chorus of [?]
Their journeys are beautifully uncertain
And through the interlocking and diverging omens
The finish line is clear to see and it's a cool thing
Oh what a cool thing

[Chorus] (x2)

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