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SoYou & BrotherSu - You don't know me 모르나봐 lyric

내 곁에 니가 아닌 다른 사람이
항상 날 바라보는데

니 말투 니 모습 낯설지 않아
내가 기다린 사람

어쩌면 나
난 사랑을 몰라서
어떤 말도 못 했었나봐
항상 곁에 있었는데
늘 바라보고 있는데
너는 아직도 모르나봐

조금 더 다가가면 날 알아줄까
조금 더 기다려볼까

나 혼자 너 몰래 시작한 사랑
이제 같이 해볼까

어쩌면 나
난 너 밖에 몰라서
다른 사랑 할 수 없나봐
자꾸 내 맘이 이상해
늘 기다리고 있는데
너는 아직도 내 맘을 모르나봐

니가 없어 할 수 없었던 그 말(사랑이라는 그 말)
너만 보면 하고 싶은 말
소중한 사람

모르나봐 너 밖에 모르나봐
사랑할 수 밖에 없나봐
나를 부르는 목소리(널 부르는 목소리)
나를 바라는 니 눈빛(널 바라보는 눈빛)
너도 나를 사랑하나봐

나 밖에 모르나봐

In English :

Someone who isn’t you
Is always by my side, looking at me

The way you talk, the way you look, is not unfamiliar at all
The person I’ve been waiting for

Maybe because I don’t know love
I couldn’t say anything
I was always next to you
I was always looking at you
But you still don’t know

If I go a little closer, will you hold me?
Should I wait a little more?

I started this love alone, without you knowing
Now should we start together?

Maybe because I only know you
I can’t love anyone else
My heart keeps acting strange
I’m always waiting
But you still don’t know my heart

I couldn’t say the words because you weren’t here (I love you)
Words I wanna say whenever I see you
My precious person

You don’t know, only you don’t know
I had no choice but to love you
Your voice that called me (my voice that called you)
Your eyes that look at me (my eyes that look at you)
I think you love me too

You only know me

In Romanization :

nae gyeote niga anin dareun sarami
hangsang nal baraboneunde

ni maltu ni moseup naccseolji anha
naega gidarin saram

eojjeomyeon na
nan sarangeul mollaseo
eotteon maldo mot haesseossnabwa
hangsang gyeote isseossneunde
neul barabogo issneunde
neoneun ajikdo moreunabwa

jogeum deo dagagamyeon nal arajulkka
jogeum deo gidaryeobolkka

na honja neo mollae sijakhan sarang
ije gati haebolkka

eojjeomyeon na
nan neo bakke mollaseo
dareun sarang hal su eopsnabwa
jakku nae mami isanghae
neul gidarigo issneunde
neoneun ajikdo nae mameul moreunabwa

niga eopseo hal su eopseossdeon geu mal(sarangiraneun geu mal)
neoman bomyeon hago sipeun mal
sojunghan saram

moreunabwa neo bakke moreunabwa
saranghal su bakke eopsnabwa
nareul bureuneun moksori(neol bureuneun moksori)
nareul baraneun ni nunbicc(neol baraboneun nunbicc)
neodo nareul saranghanabwa

na bakke moreunabwa.

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