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Grace Vanderwaal - Miss you lyrics

Miss you lyrics

Hey! there's something that I think you should know
Something that's really important to me
You know we used to hang out whether it was sun, rain or snow
Talking to you used to be a breeze
Can someone please tell me where to find you?
'Cause sometimes I miss that smile on your face
And some people say that it's part of getting older but
I don't think that's true
I still miss you.

Hey! So I guess you just thought to let it be
Thought everything was already dead[?]
Oh please may I just ask why you think they're better than me
I guess they're fine, just have confidence[?]
So tell me will I ever see you again
cause sometimes I miss hanging around your place
And some people say that its all for the better but
I don't think that's true
I still miss you.

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