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Kyle - Hate lyrics

Look, my dad called like last week
So I picked up and said, "hi dad," he said fuck me
Well, that's great
Give me that bank, give me that bass
Give me that dream, give me that race
Give me that love, give me that hate
Give me it straight, don't give me no chase
And give me that pain, give me that real
Give me that hurt so I know I can feel
Give me it all, give me it all
Give me them scars, I know I'll heal
Give me that cold, do me like winter
Freeze my soul, making it chiller
You could kill my fucking spirit
And all it's gonna do is just make me a killer
Killing these beats, killing this game
Losing my feelings and gaining this fame
It seems like I lose a friend every time I gain a fan
And I hate the fact that I can't change my friends for who they are
It's just hard to see the beauty on a face that's full of scars
And it seems like you hate me for shit I never did
Well I'm sorry if the hand I was dealt was full of shit
All I knew is that I was down
Don't know about her, I don't know about them
I knew about me and I knew about you
And I know that we'll never be happy again

Well I lost it all
And it's my fault
Yeah, I lost my love
Should've lost my heart

It's gone [x8]

My family's broken
My wounds is open
And my future's faded
Yeah, I lost my hope

It's gone [x8]

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