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Prince - When she come lyrics

When she come lyrics

When she comes always unexpected
But never rejected surprise
It’s always a shock when he undoes the lock
& she’s there without a care

When she comes
The house is always a mess
She’s cool nevertheless & here’s why
She remains as we say a sweet bird of prey
She flies & she’s satisfied

When she comes
A lemoncello ballet
A psychedelic cabaret in his mind
Without further adieu he takes off her shoes
& whatever confines

When she comes
A blue bed of roses she never closes her eyes
4 his artful technique deserves a peek
Call it sublime cuz it happens…

When she comes
So oh sweet the taste
The tears that roll down her face
Don’t cry

Tho sad 1st site they r filled with delight
The 4th of July
When she comes

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