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Beatie Wolfe - Little moth lyrics

I’ve waited so long to find you
I'm holding this flame beside me
And they'll never see you like I do
But darling I see you clearly

in your basement hotel
where you soared
where you fell
and the harsh light of truth
left you blinded in the sun
but you wrote what you felt
the rare joy, the fine hell
you couldn’t lie, you left it bare
and tattooed your despair
and tattooed your despair

They waited so long, to put you in a box
But nothing can break your spirit
They tried to change you, until you made them stop
And now you’re so high above it

Cos if beauty’s skin deep
you had to see what’s beneath
so you scratched in your sleep
seeing voices in your dreams
and they told you its hard
when you’re flung in this world
tender hands turn to fists
til you’re beautifully scarred
you're beautifully scarred
My little moth
you’re too precious for this world
but I’ll keep my wings around you
I hope you hear me, hear my thank you
heaven is blessed to have you

For in the shadows you grew
it was clear no one knew
just how sharp every breath
felt to draw and rattled through
but the light that you shone
it will always burn on
you served the world my little moth
at the sake of yourself
at the sake of yourself.

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