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Ffion - I miss you lyrics

You left your grey shirt in my arms
a final reminder that you're no longer around
we never fight

we're doing this all wrong

I've been around you for so long
that I thought you'd be one
is it a blessing
you put me in this position
now I'm stuck guessing
if you really were the one

If you called me in the middle of the nightI'd tell I love you
but I could never say it to you

Back and forth
we go a game of pillow talk
you know how it goes
late night hours
now i'm flying solo
so low

Without you by my side
I'm so low
you know I miss your lies
and you know what i'm like
you know I miss the fun
I thought you'd be the one
even if i'm wrong
don't fight me on this one
I miss the times that when we fooled around

I miss your skin
I miss your smile
I miss the times that when we fooled around.

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