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Alextbh - You lyrics

Days I spent with you don't seem so long
But it is just enough to keep me warm

Something about you makes me gravitate to you right back
And now I don't even wanna count the times that lie ahead
I miss the way you lay your hands on me
And now all I see is

Oh, I see you
Oh, I see you

I try to love somebody else the way I did you
Still did me no good
Only got space for one
I try to carry on
But I still fall back into
It's you I can't outrun

Something about the way you kiss keeps pulling me right back
And every time I see you my mind
It goes out of track
I miss the way you land so soft upon my lips
Don't want any other
All I see is

Oh, I see you
Oh, I see you

I see you
I see you
Only you.

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