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Fleet Foxes - Crack-up lyrics

So the mind won't lie
And the arm won't set
And the bright red eye
Isn't off you yet

So the words won't come
And the hand won't touch
And a midnight sun
Doesn't look like much

As an iris contracts
Facing the day

(I can tell you've cracked
Like a china plate)


When the world insists
That the false is so
With a philippic, as Cicero
"The tighter the fist
The looser the sand"

[If I don't resist
Will I understand?]

Ooh, ooh, ooh

[A bright clearing]

All things change
Dividing tides
Far as I can see
All fades through
But a (light / lie) of you
As Eellllyyaaalliiiiiyyy

All I see -
Dividing tides -
Rising over me -


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