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Maiday - You lyrics

Don't go getting any big ideas
You're not the only reason I'm here
I thought that it would be polite
To show my face tonight
I came because I was invited
It's not my usual scene but I'm trying
To be a little less reclused
(I didn't come because of you)
You say it's been ages since you've seen me
Well, I've been really busy
Barely even had the time
For you to cross my mind
A kiss on the cheek but our lips brush
Must be the wine making me blush
I just came to see what's new

I didn't come because of you and that beautiful face
I didn't come because of you and the moves that you make
I barely even noticed when you entered the room
I didn't watch as you walked, I had nothing better to do
I didn't come because of you

So this is your new friend
You met her at the weekend
What a nice surprise
You came with her tonight
I'd love to stay and talk, but
I should pick this call up
I wish the crowd would let me through

Why did I talk myself into coming here?
But now all I need to do is get out
I feel so stupid wiping tears away in public
Over someone I don't even care about


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