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The Japanese House - 3/3 lyrics

Do you still have the bones in your back?
Stop asking me that
I handed over all of me
Three out of three

I watched you break in two
I only wanted half of you
I fall into the trap you made
Fall into your face

Trip up over your thighs
The creases by your eyes
The scars on your knee
The mole on your cheek

Is this what you wanted?
It won't disappear
This fear of being haunted
By the soul I left behind

Remind me how I was with sentient skin
A feeling within
I fought it back into the chest

You lost me in the maze
With pictures of your face
Were lucid in the haze
They took up so much space

Watch me as I go
As I flicker through the moves
Emotionless and frozen
I was going through the motion.

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