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Hunny Madu feat Radio3000 - Get money lyrics

I gotta get money
I got places to go
I aint even been sleeping
No no no
I gotta get money
I got places to go
I aint even been sleeping
No no
Wake me up in the morning
Don’t call me in the evening
I’m out I’m always on it

No sleep that’s the reason

(Hunny Madu)
From Malaysia to LA, putting in work like no delay
Time is money & my b’nez, when I’m done you gotta pay.
Eyebags cover them urban decay
Eyebags , new Chanel is my vacay, (uh)
Shoop Shoobedu shoobedu, shoomadu shoomadu madu
Shooo shoo all of u
I sweep haters so easy with a broom,
“Do you believe my struggle?”
NO retiring, I just keep pushing
Networking all day and I’m writing
Songs hoping that at least one will be a hit
I remember when 20 people came to my gig
And why do everybody always want free music
When people line up for theatre they can’t pay for this
Kiyosaki rule retire young retire rich
Now how long can I go go go

Stacks on stacks racks on racks
I be running plays like a quarterback
I be in the streets on my paper route
Born in the trap then I made it out
Then I made it out glad to say I made it out
I be on my hustle I aint never in the house
Street dreams are made of these
Now I’m chilling first class flying overseas
I gotta get the money gotta get the Gouda
My freddy my cheddar my dollars my chalupa
My mind on my money like a sharpshooter
I’m whipping up a mill like I’m Martha Stewart
I’m signing major deals I’m a big deal
Fresh Prince need a mansion like I’m Uncle Phil
No sleep cos I’m up all night
Louis bags under my eyes & this is star life hey.

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