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The National - I'll still destroy you lyrics

I'll still destroy you lyrics

It's so easy to set off
The molecules and caplets
They all have something against me
Nothing I do makes me any different

This one's like my sister's best friends in her bed calling me to join them
Can't avoid it
This one's like your mother's arms when she was young and sunburnt in the '80s
Lasts forever

The more level they have me
The more I cannot stand me
I have helpless ventures
And bad taste in liquids

I keep rereading the same lines always up at 5am every morning
Like a baby
Oh the sky's getting white
I can't find a liner anywhere I'm going crazy
I'm not crazy

It's just the lights coming on
It's just the lights coming on

I have no positions
No point of view or vision
I'm just trying to stay in touch with anything I'm still in touch with

Put your heels against the wall
I swear you got a little bit taller since I saw you, I'll still destroy you
This one's like the wilderness, without the world I'm gonna miss those longs nights, the windows open

It's just the lights coming on
It's just the lights coming on.

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