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Avey Tare - when you left me lyrics

Trying to feel invincible
Walking down the street
Listening for names
Feeling kind of queasy
Population sprawls
Colors move on tees
Seeing through possession
That's not always easy

When you left me
When you flew from my eyes
I said oh well and I fell
Any world can die

But are you with me?
Are we tied on this plane?
Can we both say it right now?
Any world can change

80 you're the furthest thing from anything I've done
But if I could only look at you today
Wanna always be thankful for things I've done
When I'm done
When say yeah I'm thankful that all the years passed away

80 give me wisdom of your many years to come
Hear me even though I'm distances away

Wanna know how this flower became this flower
Wanna bask in your rituals for finding the perfect day 3x.

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