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Ledisi - Shot down lyrics

Shot down lyrics

Trying on not to lose my mind
Woke up feeling like I'm losing time
Looked out the window hoping nothing serious went down today
No one knowing another storyline
Another paddle in the sunshine

Shot down on display in the middle of the story
She was shot down in the park in the middle of the day, hey
Shot down on display in the middle of the story, aha
Shot down, didn't obey as would somebody say

Oh, I can´t believe we could be so cold
We walk around like we lost our souls
Rocking love is packing love and
No one cares to stop it to make a change, hey
Education is a loaded gun-shot down '
Fore I even had a chance to run
The System says we matter, but the black lives only
Matter certain days., hey

Lord, I know, tell me is the window ?
Are we born to die 'cause the price too high
All because of the color scheme.

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