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Ledisi - Us 4Ever lyrics

Us 4Ever lyrics

[Verse [1] ;
This here is real, you know what? love ain't unconditional
We give up, when it ain't working
Then we choose to say no, hold on, loving you is worth it
Then we find all the reasons to stay
That's just the way we would do

We love, then we fight, we argue, then we make it right
You leave, I go and then we're back together
Our love is so strong who's right, who's wrong
What we built won't break, guess it's us 4ever

[Verse [2];
Tears, blow ups, every day there's something
Back and forth, you know what? I know we ain't perfect
Oh, this is crazy, but amazing how we do this every time
And we still find the reasons we want to stay
Maybe that's what we do

If you don't know now, you know, we were meant to be
If you ever think you got to go, everything I do, i'll make it up to you
If you don't know now, you know, realize you'll always be mine
'Cause if it's love you want, love you need
It's always gonna be you and me

[BJ The Chicago Kid]
When you say we're crazy, you never lie
'Cause Lord knows that we ain't perfect
But what we're building is so strong
And I pray you never leave me alone
'Cause baby.

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