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Fazura - Only God know lyrics

Only God knows lyrics

The moment when we first met
Inever know it could be so beautiful
I'm missing you every hour
Everyday u make my heart so full

At times when we were so far away
You made me feel as though you're by my side
The love is getting stronger
Everytime we spent together

All the plans we made
The tears and laugh we shared
We know it's our destiny

My heart will keep longin Just for your love
To love me and to care for me
You'll always be the best for me
For only god really knows

Everything about you is Unforgettable and its too perfect
The love i have inside me
Its burning just for you
You'll always be apart of me my happiness my heart and soul

Forever it'll be our beautiful love story

The moment when we first met
and forever
You'll be the best for me.

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