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Katie Melua - Fields of gold lyrics

Fields of gold lyrics

I spent my youth in that patch of wood,l
And they were my warmest years
And me and the trees understood
That one day I would go to new frontiers
It happened when a maiden came to me
Whom I followed to a distant dell.
And I desired to be free
From the haven that I knew too well
She sang songs of adventure
So I followed her across the earth
I scaled the cliffs in their stature
I walked across the Volcano's hearth
We walked through America's purple fields
We sailed seas under Polaris light
We withstood the winds that the hurricane wields
And endured the tornado's terrible plight
She took my hand across land and sea
We dove down into the ocean trenches deep
We listened to the whale's harmony
Amidst the squids and the urchins that creep
And from the highest mountain we soared
At the wind's behest, into the night
Around us the asteroids roared,
As we ventured on our cosmic flight
My eyes have seen fields of gold
I've felt the blizzard's thrust
I've seen many wonders to be told
I watched the meteors dissipate into dust
But from the far reaches of the north
Came an enticing melodic sound
And I was compelled forth
To an old familiar ground
There are no more lands for my feet to tread
And that romance was swept away like the ocean breeze
Many say in sadness I should droop my head
But truthfully I still love the trees.

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