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Lee Brice - Have a good day lyrics

Have a good day lyrics

Yeah, Colton, he turned eight years old, three very short long weeks ago
And just how long he'll be around, the doctors, they don't even know
A Nerf ball, football, in the yard, daddy throws it easy 'cause walkin's hard
Sometimes for living there ain't no cure, and tomorrow damn sure ain't for sure

So what do you say
Let's have a good day, yeah

So way down south from Mexico ran a barefoot boy, skin and bones
A mission group from the States came through to hand out clothes and build a school
Someone gave that kid some bread, he didn't keep it for himself instead
He broke that piece, too small for one, and gave both to his brothers some

So what do you say, yeah
Let's have a good day
I'm gonna hold my kids a little stronger
I'm gonna kiss my wife a little longer

Well, Kenny, he's a fearless man, he lost his eyesight in a hand
Standing up for his Uncle Sam, fighting in that desert sand
His wife and kids still struggle when he has those nightmares now and then
He swears even if they never end he would do it all again

So what do you say
Let's have a good day

Yeah, Colton, he was only eight, said he saw angels, couldn't wait
To fly him home to a better place, with a smile on his face he said

What do you say
Fly me away
Let's have a good day
Let's have a good day, oh
Oh, let's have a good day
Let's have a good day.

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