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EDEN - Crash lyrics

Crash lyrics

It's been a few years since you've been gone
There's been a few tears, but that was years and years ago
Yeah, I grew up to be exactly what you wanted
Yeah, I've been living out the dream that you dreamt of
It's been a few years, but more to come
It's been a few years since I felt sure of what I want
And I woke up today and found you were waiting here for me and I thought
Woah, old friend it's bittersweet
How could you do this to me?
How could you do this to me?
'Cause you are not who you think you are
There's no grain on these brown eyes, but they can be green if they really want
And I can bet your voice that they say exactly what hurts the most
But silence is better than fake laughs be faking, they always are too scared
The world bends around you
We're living through cracked screens
We fall down on what we want
At love, we talk through lines, you made us move
And just in time, we drift away
Refusing light, refusing time
We're growing up, or cascading down
Cascading down
I'm hurting now
But change comes slow
If you hate what's in your head, the fuck won't you speak your mind?
In search of lost time
'Cause 21 is so young and I'm stupid
Only 16, yeah I think you shouldn't
I think you fucked me up
I think, I think you fucked me up
And I have nothing to say to you

It's been a few years and I've moved on
Couldn't make it disappear, oh I tried so hard to be strong
But I grew up today and faced that I'm not just lonely
Don't feel much better but I guess that it's the start.

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