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Roy Blair - Thunder lyrics

Thunder lyrics

Who said we had limits? Please
Made in your god's image
Tippytoe to the window screen
I can hear you breathe
Last year got us feeling mental
Out of reach up on my sleeve
Had something for you since middle school
Think that'll stay
Had something to say
But I forgot amongst the smoke
We could lay down on the floor
If you're bored
Grab a hold of
The fact that we're grown
And we still don't got homes
Got you but I still feel alone
Feeling close

I got, I got
I got, I got
What you wanted

And I
And I love it
Take it
And I, And I
Take it, Take it

If we can be we should be
If we were meant to
We could make it work
You're into Zodiacs
So what's mine
Tell me and kiss me at the same time

So I put that out
But I sat back down when you came out
We're both fucked up
But you know that
Living it up
Before we throw caps
And never talk again once you leave in June
Plus I go to summer camp in Kansas soon
And like they did in '92
We fell in love
Burnt the posters
Mixtapes that you gave me
All the memories we share kinda hazy
Still got marks and bites on my lip
Whatever you on just don't trip
Whatever you want
When whatever is wrong
You can...
Talk to those other boys but don't talk first
Selfish, plus I know that my words hurt
Sorry's hard, when all this weight's involved
This is the part I hate the most
Fuck that, I hate it all

Don't leave.

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