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Beastie Boy - No Sleep Till Broklyn lyrics

No Sleep Till Broklyn lyrics

No sleep 'til

[Ad-Rock, Mike D & MCA]
Foot on the pedal, never ever false metal
Engine running hotter than a boiling kettle
My job's ain't a job, it's a damn good time
City to city, I'm running my rhymes
On location, touring around the nation
Beastie Boys always on vacation
Itchy trigger finger but a stable turntable
I do what I do best because I'm illing and able
Ain't no faking, your money I'm taking
Going coast to coast watching all the girlies shaking
While you're at the job working nine-to-five
The Beastie Boys at the Garden cold kicking it live

No sleep 'til
Another plane, another train
Another bottle in the brain
Another girl, another fight
Another drive all night

[Mike D, MCA & Ad Rock]
Our manager's crazy, he always smokes dust
He's got his own room at the back of the bus
Tour around the world, you rock around the clock
Plane to hotel, girls on the jock
We're trashing hotels like it's going out of style
Getting paid along the way 'cause it's worth your while
Four on the floor, Ad-Rock's out the door
MCA's in the back 'cause he's sleeping with a whore
We got a safe in the trunk with money in a stack
With dice in the front and Brooklyn's in the back
White boys got more rhymes
No sleep 'til
No sleep 'til Brooklyn
No sleep 'til Brooklyn

[Ad Rock]
Ain't seen the light since we started this band
So, MCA, get on the mic, my man!

[MCA, Mike D & Ad Rock]
Born and bred Brooklyn USA
They call me Adam Yauch but I'm MCA
Like a lemon to a lime, a lime to a lemon
I sip the def ale with all the fly women
Got limos, arena, and TV shows
Autograph pictures and classy hoes
Step off, Holmes, get out of my way!
Taxing little girlies from here to L.A.
Waking up before I get to sleep
'Cause I'll be rocking this party eight days a week

No sleep 'til
No sleep 'til Brooklyn
No sleep 'til Brooklyn
No (no) sleep (sleep) 'til Brooklyn (Brooklyn)
No (no) sleep (sleep) 'til Brooklyn (yeah)

No (no) sleep (sleep) 'til Brooklyn (Brooklyn)
No (no) sleep (sleep) 'til Brooklyn (Brooklyn)
No (no) sleep (sleep) 'til Brooklyn (Brooklyn)
No (no) sleep (sleep) 'til Brooklyn (Brooklyn)
No (no) sleep (sleep) 'til Brooklyn (Brooklyn)
No (no) sleep (sleep) 'til Brooklyn (Brooklyn).

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